Not science! – More early music

Today another non-scientific entry; I’m posting a suite for viola da gamba by the French baroque composer Marin Marais, from his 5th book of pieces for the viol, Suite in g minor.

This is from a live concert many years ago I played with my good friend the Heidelberg lutenist Johannes Vogt, on the theorbo (a bass lute). I play 8 movements from the suite, broken into five files: 1. PrĂ©lude; 2. Fantasie-Allemande; 3. Sarabande-Gigue; 4. Tombeau pour Marais le Cadet; 5. Menuet-“la GĂ©orgienne”

These recordings are copyright 2019 by Russ Hodge and Johannes Vogt.

A bit of (early music) history

I haven’t posted any real examples from my musical activity on this blog, but will soon be posting some recordings to my YouTube channel – here’s an interview related to some concerts I did in 2014 with my instrumental ensemble Syntagma and the “Anglistenchor” of the University of Heidelberg. Enjoy! The instrument I’m playing at the beginning is a treble viola da gamba. The instrument that appears around minute 3 is the bass viola da gamba.