Number 300!!!!

Dear friends,

Thanks to all of you who have been following this blog over the years. I’m convinced that many scientists across the world would be interested in the site if they only knew about it – if you’ve enjoyed it, please spread the word among all of your contacts!

For this very special 300th post, I spent some time learning editing software and revamped some animations – and added a new one. I know – it’s dangerous to get mixed up in politics. But if a world leader decides to make pseudo-scientific statements, the gloves come off. Enjoy!!

and last but certainly not least…


The Hair Issue

Another entry in the series of Trump on the cover of science journals.

Now check inside – there’s a model that you can cut out and create your own personalised hairstyle for Mr. T! Then send it to the White House – who knows, maybe he’ll be inspired to change his hair… It worked for Abe Lincoln, right? Then if he’d only change his style of leadership…