Number 300!!!!

Dear friends,

Thanks to all of you who have been following this blog over the years. I’m convinced that many scientists across the world would be interested in the site if they only knew about it – if you’ve enjoyed it, please spread the word among all of your contacts!

For this very special 300th post, I spent some time learning editing software and revamped some animations – and added a new one. I know – it’s dangerous to get mixed up in politics. But if a world leader decides to make pseudo-scientific statements, the gloves come off. Enjoy!!

and last but certainly not least…


Have you ever seen… a motor protein do the moonwalk???

Check out my latest animation on my “Crazy Cell” YouTube channel:

More microtubule madness!

A kinesin does the moonwalk!

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Another entry in my “microtubule madness” animated series.

See more animations here on the blog and on my YouTube channel “The Crazy Cell.”¬†And refer to your friends!


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Another new animated video for the “Crazy Cell”

Today’s entry: Microtubule madness!

Lots of things can happen as a motor protein drags its cargo down a microtubule… Many more of these to come.


You’ll find other animations on my new YouTube channel called “The Crazy Cell”:

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Another crazy cell animation

I call this one “Kaboom”: what goes wrong if the chromosomes stick together and can’t be pulled toward the centrosomes…?

Concept and illustrations copyright Russ Hodge

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