It’s Friday… so it’s brand new cartoons!

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Memories of an afternoon spent in the microinjection facility… every once in a while a cell got blown up…

And the synaptic dialogues continue…

A new model of the relationship between science and communication

This is a version of the “How to see Ghosts” talk, which I use at the beginning of communications training courses. Its purpose is to present a model of science communication that I have developed as the basis of these courses. I think this model has profound implications for the way science is communicated to very diverse audiences, the way science is taught, and the way research is conducted.

This version of the presentation was delivered as the first half of an on-line workshop for the FZU in Prague, May 5, 2021.

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“The case of the short-fingered musketeer” complete on-line

Dear friends,

In July this year, a new paper regarding the Musketeer story appeared in the journal Circulation.

In honour of that accomplishment, I am putting the complete book on-line.

Click here to download and read the electronic file of the complete book.

At the time the book was written, the story wasn’t finished; many questions remained about the scientific and medical mystery it described. In 2015 came a new paper that finally resolved major questions, and a new chapter of the book. You can download that here:

Chapter 21

The new Circulation paper takes the story even further – which means there will probably be a Chapter 22 in the near future. Stay tuned!

New artwork from the Quarantine

copyright 2020 by Russ Hodge

Some of my latest pieces. Unlike the cartoons, these paintings are not for use without permission. To see more (mostly) nonscientific artwork, visit my online gallery at

A small selection of paintings from the Quarantine…

Here are a few of the many, many paintings I have made during the coronavirus quarantine. A lot more can be seen at my on-line gallery at

I will have an exhibition in Berlin sometime when the restrictions are finally lifted…

These images are copyright 2020 by Russ Hodge, not for use without permission.

All are A1 format (portrait or landscape). Many are still available for sale; contact me if there is interest.

The camp down by the river