Now for something different…

Dear friends,

Here are a few recent non-scientific artworks, just for fun… All are quite large, done in chalk and wax… Enjoy!

All of these images are copyright 2018 by Russ Hodge.

You may repost these if you give credit to me and this website. But unlike the rest of the artwork on this site, please ask for permission before using these in some other way. 


The “green man,” after an ancient Celtic sculpture
Celtic headDancing figuresGreek horse“The firebird,” thinking of Stravinsky…Dragonfly in a garden in LegnicaHead on an ancient (Celtic?) tombOedipus Rex, adapted from a prehistoric sculpture“Chess”“Atlas”The Minotaur, vanquished

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I am a science writer at the Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine in Berlin, author of fiction and popular science books, an artist, and a professional musician who performs on the viola da gamba and Medieval and Renaissance stringed instruments. I edit manuscripts of all types and teach the full range of scientific communication skills. I am doing theoretical work in this subject - see for example

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