New cartoons, Nov. 22

Today’s themes:
Another visit to the Technology Transfer Office, sports for bacteria, and ALIEN ABDUCTIONS

  1. In fond memory of Fotis C. Kafatos, my former boss – an extraordinary human being, a scientist who dreamed of being a poet, a great mentor and friend, who died on Nov. 17. Fotis was a pioneer in studies of the mosquito immune system and efforts to combat malaria through resistant strains of Anopheles. And he had a beautiful laugh.

2.  “The score was tied between the GRAM-NEGATIVES and GRAM-POSITIVES in the finals of the BEACH VIRALBALL TOURNAMENT… when DISASTER STRUCK!”


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I am a science writer at the Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine in Berlin, author of fiction and popular science books, an artist, and a professional musician who performs on the viola da gamba and Medieval and Renaissance stringed instruments. I edit manuscripts of all types and teach the full range of scientific communication skills. I am doing theoretical work in this subject - see for example

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