Even God’s first paper got rejected

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Prof. God
Paradise Avenue
Heavenly Realm


Dear Prof. God,


Thank you for submitting your paper, “Genesis: A method of generating matter,
space, time, and living species from Nothingness,” for our consideration. We agree
that the creation of the universe might be of interest to our general readership.
However, after considering the reviewers’ comments, we regret that we are unable
to publish the manuscript in its current form. If you feel that you can satisfy their
concerns with further experiments, you are welcome to resubmit a revised version
of your manuscript at a later date.

The following represent only a small selection of the most significant issues,
in our view, but for a resubmission you should address all the reviewers’ comments,
which are in the 5000 GByte attachment appended to this file.


Reviewer #1:

Hasn’t this author ever heard of controls? The author should have started
with two samples of Nothingness, applied the method of creation to one
while observing the other to ensure that the various reactions did not occur
spontaneously over time. He provides no quantitative description of this
Nothingness, gives no account of the conditions under which it was produced,
and no proof that Nothing was actually there.   

There are no references to previous literature, so we have no way to judge
the author’s qualifications in the field or the extent to which this work is
innovative vis-a-vis that of other groups.

The indirect, third-person style of the text is old-fashioned and should be
updated. Phrases such as, “In the Beginning God created” should be modernized
to a form like, “In a first step, we produced…” Another example:
“And God found that it was good” should be replaced with,
“The results confirmed our initial hypothesis.”


Reviewer #2:

From what I can tell, the physical and biological systems described in the
paper seem to have gone from a very low state of order to high complexity
within a remarkably short period of time. This hints at the use of extremely
powerful catalysts, which are not described anywhere in the text. Are they
commercially available? If so, were the manufacturer’s protocols rigorously

In fact, the author has failed to offer any model or hypothesis that could
mechanistically explain the results, or justify the claim that His efforts
somehow caused them. The implication is that things happened just because
He willed them to. This is the reason we have double-blind experiments, people!


Reviewer #3:

The human cloning experiment was not described in nearly enough detail.
What types of cells were extracted from the male’s rib, and what method was
used to generate induced Pluripotent Stem Cells and then the female? More
significantly, since the cell was derived from a male, where did they get the
second X chromosome? Was it simply a clonal copy of the first? Theoretically
it is possible, I suppose, that the female was actually genetically male but
suffering from some sort of defect in her SRY gene. If that were the case, half
of her gametes would be chromosomally Y. This would lead a quarter of her
offspring to be entirely X-less, i.e., Y-Y, which might explain the violent behavior
of some of her children. Or perhaps radical genetic engineering technologies
were used to create the female, such as CRISPR/Cas9, although I hope not,
because the fight over the patent was already a mess, and getting God
involved certainly wouldn’t make things go any smoother.

In any case, the type of genetic modifications needed to make a female from
a male would have been in direct violation of every ethical standard and
numerous international laws. Not to mention the horrendous, ensuing inbreeding
effects that could be expected in a population descended entirely from a couple
who were not only closely related, but actual clones.

Please note that I did not receive any paperwork indicating that the project
had been submitted to ethical review. Apparently the Author considers
Himself superior to any sort of moral authority; either that, or he paid
someone off. If I am wrong, and an Ethics Commission did in fact approve
the project, please let me know the country. I would consider moving
my laboratory there.


Published by


I am a science writer at the Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine in Berlin, author of fiction and popular science books, an artist, and a professional musician who performs on the viola da gamba and Medieval and Renaissance stringed instruments. I edit manuscripts of all types and teach the full range of scientific communication skills. I am doing theoretical work in this subject - see for example https://goodsciencewriting.wordpress.com/2018/03/11/ghosts-models-and-meaning-in-science/

5 thoughts on “Even God’s first paper got rejected”

  1. Who God is or isn’t!

    ” The implication is that things happened just because
    He willed them to. ” (The reference here is to the God of the Ages – the God of Creation)

    Now you are getting it, friend! God’s ways are above our ways, and PAST finding Him out. :-} He is not man, and here we have such a man trying to solve who God is or isn’t; Creation telling its Creator to explain Himself more in a way that makes sense to a feeble man’s mind. Humbly go to this God, your Creator too, and He will answer your deepest questions. LOL It’s True!!!

    I worship this God you want to deride – [ridicule, mock, scoff at, jibe at, make fun of, poke fun at, laugh at, hold up to ridicule, pillory; disdain, disparage, denigrate, dismiss, slight; sneer at, scorn, insult; knock, pooh-pooh. ANTONYMS praise.] – AND I fear Him in a way that leads me closer to Him and His purposes for me. He has a chosen niche for every member of His Creation, but many choose to follow their own thought processes. The next time you want to know something, ask HIM! He is REAL, and he continues to stand at the door of every heart, knocking in hopes they will open their hearts and let Him in. Spiritual matters will always be placed at the helm of any life. “Many are called but few are chosen.” God will not continue to knock on the door of the heart, but He will, at a particular point in time, leave man to his senseless babbling, and the life he has carved out for himself, with no regard for this Higher Realm or Being.

    In closing, just a reminder that I have inquired of my God, and He has answered me. He has always been there in my various times of need. I call Him ‘The Great Communicator’ with ALL of the Answers. Draw close to this God, and He will draw close to you! A Fact that will come to the surface, when you do indeed call on Him.

    A young man once approached me about this “God Thing”. “Is God for Real? How do you know God is REAL?” I told Him yes, but ask Him for yourself; don’t take my word for it. He did just that, and what followed was a life devoted to God, and God’s particular plan for this man’s life. You see, God’s word is clear. “There is a Way that seems right to a man, but the END is destruction.” Also, “The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom.” All of our knowledge we acquire in books of deeper revelation explaining God, is but a dot on the tip of the finger compared to the whole body of God’s complexity. Though the THINGS of God are profoundly simple, they are at the same time, SIMPLY PROFOUND. I LOVE God, and He is my All in All, I assure you. I read your entire piece here, I hope you allow me the same courtesy. I enjoyed your piece, it was well constructed. Cheers, Don Greywolf Ford drewsdad13104@yahoo.com

    1. Dear Don, I certainly respect your point of view and particularly the kind way you presented it. It would be a tragedy to have a Deity without a sense of humor, since it a gift that blesses us everyday in the face of a reality that can be sometimes quite depressing. best, Russ

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