Best of PubMed #14

Let me tell you about bedpans.
Mason V.
Nurs Health Care Perspect. 1997 Sep-Oct;18(5):231.
PMID: 9369700

Were you there? Ladies’ night.
Sinton J.
Nurs Mirror Midwives J. 1974 May 24;138(10):67.
PMID: 4496306

Cent Afr J Med. 1965 Mar;11:78.
PMID: 14282188

Snipe hunt.
Shumaker LD.
Ohio Dent J. 1977 Mar;51(3):7.
PMID: 273830

You want me to do what?
Curtin L, Simpson R.
Health Manag Technol. 1999 Oct;20(9):30-2.
PMID: 10622887

Public speaking: a fate worse than death?
Madden DL.
Internist. 1991 Sep;32(8):30-1.
PMID: 10113935

The freedom to follow your nose.
A I.
Science. 1992 Jun 19;256(5064):1626-7.
PMID: 17841081

Proust’s nose.
Gilman SL.
Soc Res (New York). 2000;67(1):67-79.
PMID: 18274007

Useful substitute for the mallet and chisel in rhinoplasty.
AMA Arch Otolaryngol. 1954 Jan;59(1):111-2.
PMID: 13113765

A piece of my mind. Touch me.
Verrees M.
JAMA. 1996 Oct 23-30;276(16):1285-6.
PMID: 8861971

Send me a memo on it; or better yet, don’t.
Davidhizar R, Erdel S.
Health Care Superv. 1997 Jun;15(4):42-7.
PMID: 10167445

By the way, doctor… I’m 68, and I’ve been taking Viagra for about a year now. The drug is working for me, but I’m always a little scared that I am going to give myself a heart attack. Should I be?
Lee TH.
Harv Health Lett. 2000 Aug;25(10):8.

On call. I always undress before I weigh myself at home, but when my doctor weighs me, he doesn’t even let me take off my shoes. Wouldn’t it be better if I undress first?
Simon HB.
Harv Mens Health Watch. 2000 Jun;4(11):8.
PMID: 10810069

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