Eugene, a ghost with a sense of irony

All right, this isn’t strictly science communication, although some people would certainly like it to be…

Here’s a lovely piece about a haunted library in… you guessed it!   Tennessee… Here are some ghosts with a real sense of irony…

The link:

Once again, the blue parts are my emphasis, and my comments are in parentheses…

Haunted books: Paranormal activity cited at Chattanooga Public Library

On March 17, the Global Paranormal Society and members of the library conducted a full-on paranormal research of the downtown library at 1001 Broad St. On Friday, they shared their results from the investigation and confirmed what so many people assumed: paranormal activity takes place at the library.

“But,” added society member Gabriel Kordics during his presentation, “there’s not enough to make it haunted. I’m sorry.”

“That’s only one investigation, though,” Kordics said afterward. “This place deserves more than one investigation.”

About 30 people sat in the library’s auditorium Friday as Kordics and his crew presented their results. He first gave a history of the area, saying that the library currently sits on part of what was once a Cherokee nation settlement, explaining the possible roots of the specter that library employees refer to as “Eugene.”

(Note: Eugene being a typically Cherokee name)

Spooky happenings were evidently afoot that one night in March. The investigation captured 68 Electronic Voice Phenomena recordings, seven personal experiences and a couple of loud bangs in the second-floor children’s area and fourth floor.

(GEE! Loud bangs from the children’s area!)

“It was a long investigation,” investigator John “Taz” Ramsey said. “It took about eight or nine hours. It’s pure excitement.”

Kordics played some of the captured EVP recordings. Using high-tech implements allows the Global Paranormal Society, based out of Cleveland, Tenn., to pick up frequencies and sounds that can’t be heard by the human ear — what he said was the sounds of spirits coming through.

As if librarian Della Phipps wasn’t freaked out enough at the prospect of her place of employment being haunted, the EVP clip that played a phantom, female voice saying, “I got you,” did the trick.

“I got chills every time I heard that one,” Phipps said.

BUT SHE DIDN’t “GET IT…” oh my oh my oh my…

Note: this piece is attributed to the author Adam POULISSE… Should that be pronounced puhlll-eeease???

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