It’s Friday… so it’s brand new cartoons!

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Memories of an afternoon spent in the microinjection facility… every once in a while a cell got blown up…

And the synaptic dialogues continue…

Charlie and Fitzroy and the very strange bugs

Dear friends,

After a VERY long Corona hiatus, I am finally adding some new material to the blog! The first entry is “Charlie and Fitzroy and the very strange bugs,” a book for children about evolution.

First comes the English edition; German will follow soon.

There are a few pages of notes for parents and teachers at the end. The book is targeted for grade-school children; it probably works best for kids aged 7 to 11; I’d greatly appreciate feedback on your experiences with it.

The basic idea is that there is evidence for evolution all around us, if you just know where to look. While exploring the woods near their house, Charlie and her dog Fitzroy discover some strange bugs. By watching what happens to them over the next weeks and months, they stumble on the basic principles of evolution. Along the way they meet a strange old man who has thought about this for quite some time…

Click here to view or download the whole file.

(It’s 7MB, so it may take a while.)

I will also have a few printed copies for sale soon.


New animals for the MDC’s conference on unusual model organisms

The MDC is currently hosting a conference on unusual model organisms used in research; a while ago they asked me to do drawings of the animals that would be covered. Here are some of the pieces I did…

These images are copyright 2019 by Russ Hodge.


Some of the rest can be seen on the poster...












This is about a third of the complete set… more to come!